Benefit Cosmetics - Big Bad Deal Mascara Set (LE)

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For dramatic lashes that go off with a BANG, Benefit’s cult classic BADgal BANG Mascara ensures you need never be without full-blast volume. Providing 36 hours of smudge-proof wear, the pitch black formula contains gravity-defying aero-particles derived from space technology, no less, for a feather-light texture that doesn’t weigh down lashes. Bigger and badder than ever, this kit contains a full size and travel mini edition so you can achieve booming lashes both at home and on-the-go. 

It’s big, it’s bad, it’s the deal you’ve been waiting for. You need never be without big volume with this BADgal BANG Mascara set, which comes with a full size and travel size mini edition – that’s one for your at-home make up kit and one for on-the-go. A definite cult classic, this volume-giving formula laughs – big, booming ha ha’s – in the face of gravity. How so? Spiked with super-light aero-particles derived from space technology, it doesn’t weigh down lashes and can be layered up for maximum impact. The Slimpact! Brush is streamlined for maximum impact, reaching from root-to-tip with ease.