Morphe - Jaclyn Hill - The Master Collection (LE)

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Jaclyn Hill knows how to buff a move. Our boss Morphe Babe created this custom collection to help you master (and rock) any look.

“I created this brush collection with my subscribers in mind. Whether you’re a natural girl, a working woman, a boy on-the-go, or a lady who owns the night, this collection meets all your needs. I took a lot of time perfecting every brush to create any look! Go on with your bad self and slay, no matter the occasion! I love you!”


  • JH01 - Powder Brush (synthetic)
  • JH02 - Bronzer Brush (natural)
  • JH03 - Ride-or-Die Foundation Brush (synthetic)
  • JH04 - Blush Brush (synthetic)
  • JH05 - Perfect Contour Brush (natural)
  • JH06 - My Everything Brush (natural)
  • JH07 - Under-Eye Powder Brush (synthetic)
  • JH08 - Anything Creamy Brush (synthetic)
  • JH09 - Glow Baby Glow Brush (natural)
  • JH10 - Snatch Your Edges Brush (synthetic)
  • JH30 - Beast Mode Blender Brush (natural)
  • JH31 - Fluffy Blender Brush (natural)
  • JH32 - Transition Blender Brush (natural)
  • JH33 - Universal Blender Brush (natural)
  • JH34 - Carve Your Crease Brush (natural)
  • JH35 - Upper Crease Brush (natural)
  • JH36 - Eye Buffer Brush (natural)
  • JH37 - Buffer Blender Brush (natural)
  • JH38 - Perfect Pencil Brush (natural) 
  • JH39 - Inner Corner Highlight Brush (synthetic)
  • JH40 - Precise Blender Brush (natural)
  • JH41 - All Over Lid Brush (blend of synthetic and natural)
  • JH42 - Brow Bone Highlight Brush (natural)
  • JH43 - Eyeliner Smudge Brush (synthetic)
  • Master Case